Adriana Kimber

“She an amazing dancer and teacher, love working with and learning with her every class…” Read More! Apr 10, 2015


Peyton Norton        

“Mari is amazingly generous. She welcomes you into her studio and is eager to share her knowledge with her students. In addition to being a dedicated and organized teacher, she constantly takes Masters-level workshops to increase her scope, so she never runs out of knowledge to share…” Read More!     Jan 26, 2017


Amie Jo Renegar        

“Very fun and Mari is the sweetest! I always feel like I’m getting a good workout and learning something new…” Read More!     July 26, 2016


Deana Brock        

“So excited to be taking Mari’s private classes! She is a lot if fun to learn from. Very patient and works with you on technique to make sure you are doing it right before throwing a bunch of other stuff at you. Her classes are extremely affordable too. Feeling fortunate to have this opportunity…” Read More!     May 31, 2016


Felicity Shoars

“Mari is an amazing teacher who does fun choreographies to catchy music. She can teach a variety of things, including many kinds of props, all in her cute little private studio, complete with mirrors, a/c, stereo, and its even decorated with all sorts of memorabilia! Mari is an enthusiastic woman…” Read More!     May 27, 2015


Veronica Cano

“I’m so excited about this class. I got my first one last Monday and I can’t wait to learn more. I love it!…” Read More!     May 2, 2015


Suzanne Staton

“I have Learned a lot from Mari Jepson. She is an amazing talented belly dancer. Her classes are so much fun. We laugh and joke around. She makes you feel at home. Very comfortable atmosphere. I would not look elsewhere…”Read More! Jan 24, 2015


Jonafe Quijano-Jurgenson

“An incredibly welcoming place. Mari is a teacher that will help you with everything from dance to ordering items needed to include receipt. You can call, text, or Facebook her anytime with questions and she will always respond on time. And most of all, she offers very affordable PRICES…” Read More!     Aug 27, 2014


Isela Navarro

“Nice studio. Great space to dance at. Mari is an incredible belly dance teacher!…” Read More!     July 24, 2014