Mari is a professional Belly Dancer born in Ecuador who owns Mari Fusion Belly Dance Studio. Since a young age, she has loved learning and performing many styles of dance to include ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, Latin dance, and Latin folkloric, but is especially passionate about Fusion Belly dance and American Tribal Style (ATS). She has performed shows at Fission Tribal Massive Shows 2017 & 2019, Renaissance Fairs, Pirate Fests, Las Vegas Belly Dance Intensive, Relay for Life charity event, Erotic Heritage Museum, Haflas, Shimmy Mob 2012-2019 (Assistant Team Leader), “Let Us Entertain You” Silver Mesa Recreation Center Events, Carnaval International Las Vegas Mardi Gras, and various other events around the greater Las Vegas area and Los Angeles. She has also appeared in Vida Las Vegas Magazine in Spanish, Fox 5 Local News, KTNV Channel 13 Morning Blend, & ESPN Deportes 1460 AM radio interview.

Her dance is elegant with mystic motion blended with powerful energy, and mesmerizing technique. She captivates her students letting them experience the beauty and mystery of Belly Dance… Additionally, her choreography has won accolades throughout the tri-state area. Mari also sits on the local Club de Ecuatorianos council and participates in various non-profit events. She started her dance training in 2005 at the Silver Mesa Recreation Center in North Las Vegas where she discovered her passion for Belly Dance. In 2006, she began taking lessons from Gypsy Nation which includes a professional troupe (Fuego Fusion) an intermediate troupe (Two Left Hips) and a beginner level troupe (Wicked Hips). As she moved up from beginner troupe to professional troupe, she joined Fuego Fusion. It was then she realized she had what it took to begin teaching Belly Dancing on her own. In late 2012, she began teaching at the Silver Mesa Recreation Center in North Las Vegas and at her Private Studio. In 2015, she joined Tribal Moon Belly Dance where she has performed with her ATS instructor, Kathy Stahlman.

She keeps her dance education and training through seminars, workshops and master classes with the most sought after Master Instructors from all over the world such as : Zoe Jakes, Mira Betz, Silvia Salamanca, Ashara, Heather Shoopman, Amanda Rose, Edenia Archuleta, Inara from Tabu, Kathy Stahlman (from Tribal Moon Belly Dance and former member of Fat Change Belly Dance), Jill Parker, Ariellah Aflalo, Sera Solstice, The Lady Fred, Sharon Kihara, April Rose, and Kami Liddle. In 2010, she traveled to Israel & Egypt to attend a Belly Dance Workshop and tour surrounding areas. In 2016, she attended the Tribal Massive Intermediate/Advanced Certification Program with 37.5 hours of instruction in Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. She has completed the Professional track for the 2017 Tribal Massive Certification Program. She currently teaches Beginners Basic Belly Dance and Beginners & Intermediate Fusion Belly Dance classes & Sword Balance. She is a member of Shifting Sands Belly Dance Organization.

Mari’s hobbies mold well with her Belly Dancing career. She loves to design tribal and steam punk costume pieces and jewelry where she sells them on her online ETSY store (http://etsy.me/2bIyuWM). Her loves are spending time with her family and friends, fur kids, shopping, cooking and traveling. She is married to a wonderful supportive man with 2 adorable girls who take her breath away every day.


Belly Dance Certifications

Mari Fusion Belly Dance is committed to providing quality belly dance classes to enhance the overall development of the dancer. I believe that dance training encourages people to develop confidence and a positive self-image as they increase awareness of their physical being. Along with improving coordination skills and developing muscular awareness, belly dance classes give students the freedom to express themselves through movement. I am committed to helping each student reach their goals by offering guidance and training. I am a lifelong learner who continues to educate myself through certifications, teacher-training schools, conferences, classes, and other learning opportunities. Below are some certifications I have obtained over the years.

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